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Manchester United's Carrington Training Centre
Manchester United are set to invest £11.5 Million in the club’s Carrington Training Centre. Located across 108 acres, the relatively new World-Class centre will be given a facelift with the addition of a science department, medical wing and upgraded press offices, as well as new training pitches…

The club spent over £22 Million at the beginning of the new millennium, with Carrington replacing the old Cliff Training Centre. Carrington incorporates training facilities for senior and youth team players, as well as the Manchester United Academy for under-age youngsters.

Set on 108 acres, the complex includes training and rehabilitation areas, physiotherapy and massage rooms, remedial and hydrotherapy swimming pools, squash and basketball courts, a sauna, steam and weight rooms, a restaurant, conference rooms, offices, classrooms, a MUTV studio and 14 unique playing fields – what more could you possibly want ?

A multi-million football science department, a new medical wing with fitness and rehab centres inside, a new press facility and more academy pitches is the club’s next trick – keeping Carrington in-line with the World’s best sports facilities. The total cost of the project is expected to be a large £11.5 Million, taking about three years to complete. Worth it ?…
Sir Alex Ferguson and new Labour party leader 'Red Ed' Miliband at the Carrington Training Centre
Sir Alex and new Labour leader ‘Red Ed’ Miliband at Carrington this morning



We are One

Fri, 01 Oct 2010 8:32:41 am

Already heard this good news. Carrington is one of the best training centres in world footall and Manchester United is only going to make it better with £11.5m invested in improving the centre. When you are the biggest most famous club in football (which Manchester United are) you need to ensure you always have the best treatment and training available. We are the worlds biggest most famous club with one of the worlds most famous academies, improving one of the worlds best training centres is good news.


Ella Patterson

Fri, 01 Oct 2010 9:22:32 am

I think that Fergie has had this in mind for some time. His references to certain things he saw on the US tour and at the new AVIVA stadium in Dublin lead me to believe that he was, at that time, putting the final touches to his plans. At least the Glazers must have enough sense to sanction this unlike Hicks and Gillett and their prevarications over the new stadium which Liverpool desperately need. I am a member of MUST but sometimes I worry that bad as the Glazers are they could be so much worse! Once again United leads the way


fergie is god

Fri, 01 Oct 2010 3:59:45 pm

i cant understand why dont they use that money for transfers. not trying to make traing ground bigger its big enough already o ya Sir Alex and new Labour leader ‘Red Ed’ Miliband at Carrington that was yesterday not today. i saw it on sky sports news last nite


Fri, 01 Oct 2010 4:02:29 pm

If you look at the date, that article was posted yesterday, hence this morning (yesterday morning)…


fergie is god

Fri, 01 Oct 2010 4:08:11 pm

all right mate


Fri, 01 Oct 2010 4:11:52 pm

No worries mate. I understand yours, and others frustration at not spending this on players, but imagine what it could do with injuries. An injury turn around of a few days, even weeks earlier than expected… that, I think, is just as important of singing new players.

ie. keeping our own players fit, healthy and injury-free.



Fri, 01 Oct 2010 4:14:11 pm

Excellent news. What they need is an R&D;
lab or a analytical center, that can help managers, coaches and players in terms of developing a game plan to beat teams. i’m talking about some kind of system that looks at every player, team in Europe and assess their strenghts weaknesses then looks at our players and system best suited to beat that team.



Sat, 02 Oct 2010 2:59:20 pm

Is this just a cost cutting effort to save on medical expenses for Owen Hargreaves?

It’s great news for United and surely must help injuries when the players perhaps won’t need to fly out to the States.

Still though, would’ve been nice to see this spent on a new defensive midfielder so we can play Carrick where he’s better.


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