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The 33 Chilean miners trapped in a mine shaft since the 5th of August have today been invited to Old Trafford by United legend Sir Bobby Charlton. The group are set to be reunited with friends and family on Wednesday, after spending 67 days 2,300 feet underground…

33 miners between the ages of 19 and 63 were trapped thousands of feet beneath the surface of The San José copper-gold mine, near Copiapo in Chile after the shaft collapsed. A major rescue effort was launched along with a huge publicity campaign to fund the rescue operation. The group are set to be exhumed from the shaft on Wednesday, when a lift will bring each miner to the surface one-by-one after a drill created a tunnel to the collapsed mine shaft.

Today, Reds legend Sir Bobby Charlton celebrated his 73rd birthday, and it emerged the former United forward sent a personalised video message to the team of miners, who have been in contact with the surface via a video link that was lowered into the shaft a few weeks after rescuers discovered the miners were alive and well.

“The club will do whatever we can to welcome them and arrange to meet the players.”
confirmed a club spokesperson. Sir Bobby’s father was himself a cave worker, and once the group emerge and recover – they will take the opportunity – “They are all massive football fans and definitely plan to go.” said a relative of one of the workers.



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