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During a philosophy lecture at Dublin’s Trinity College – Sir Alex sent out a message to his United stars… “If anyone steps out of my control, that’s them dead.” The gaffer is known for his ruthless handling of players who ‘cross the line’.

Roy Keane, David Beckham, Jaap Stam, Ruud van Nistelrooy and now Luis Nani – just a few players who have felt the wrath of Sir Alex’s ‘hair-dryer treatment’.

The boss was in Dublin’s finest university – ‘Trinity College’, giving his thoughts on the study of philosophy. He explained in-detail his own philosophy and his dealings with players at Old Trafford…

“If I lose control of these multi-millionaires in the Manchester United dressing room then I’m dead. So I never lose control. If anyone steps out of my control, that’s them dead.

“Through my development, I’ve come across two issues – power and control. Control is important, very, very important. My control is the most important thing. The most important person in Manchester United is the manager.”

The gaffer added; “I always thought that when I became a manager – and I experienced this in Aberdeen – I had too much control; I was doing everything – ordering the pies, looking after the programmes. It was getting me nowhere. What happens is that you do too much and then you don’t do the important things.”

His little message will surely have The Reds’ players shivering, epically the likes of Luis Nani and Ben Foster – who haven’t been doing to much to impress Sir Alex lately…   



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