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Sir Alex Ferguson reveals The Red’s pre-season schedule, with 5 games taking place in America…

Manchester United will travel to America this summer, playing 5 games in a repeat of last year’s tour. Sir Alex Ferguson’s men will fly over to the United States in July, starting their 2011 US Tour in Boston against Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs before meeting Barcelona in a pre-season friendly in Washington DC. The Red Devils announced the full details of their summer tour on Tuesday, with Sir Alex launching the schedule across the pond. 

The Reds will begin the tour on the 13th of July, taking-on the New England Revolution at the Gillette Stadium in Boston, Massachusetts. United will go on to face Seattle Sounders at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington on the 20th before heading to Chicago, Illinois to meet Chicago Fire at Soldier Field on the 23rd. The Red Army will then kick-off against the MLS All-Stars on the 27th for the second time in two years, at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.

The pre-season preparations will be wrapped-up in a glamour friendly against Barcelona on the 30th of July, taking place in the FedEx Field in Washington DC where over 90,000 ‘soccer’ fans will see the biggest clubs on the planet do battle. It will be a repeat of the 2003 friendly in Philadelphia, where United ended their American tour convincingly, seeing-off the La Liga champions by 3-1.

The Red Devils travelled to Canada, The USA, Mexico and the Republic Of Ireland last year, becoming the first International side to beat the MLS All-Stars. United will again play the select XI this summer, after they get practice against three MLS clubs in three stadiums that each hold over 60,000 people. Last year’s tour was seen as a huge commercial success, with North America housing approximately 10 million Red Devils !

Video: Get Ready For The 2011 US Tour…

Sir Alex Ferguson launched the full details of the 2011 US Tour in New York on Tuesday, saying: “Tours are a fantastic chance for the players to get away as a unit, to put in some good training sessions and to meet some of our fans around the world who don’t have a chance to watch us play live every week.” 

“Our visits to the US are always enjoyable ones. The training facilities are excellent. We certainly found last year that, with the improving quality of the MLS teams, the games are very competitive, which is great preparation for a new season. To finish off with a match against Barcelona will be a special moment for all our fans in the States.”

2011 US Tour Fixtures
13th July v New England Revolution, Gillette Stadium, Boston*
20th July v Seattle Sounders, Qwest Field, Seattle
23th July v Chicago Fire, Soldier Field, Chicago*
27th July v MLS All-Stars, Red Bull Arena, New Jersey
30th July v Barcelona, FedEx Field, Washington DC*
* These games are part of a ‘World Football Challenge’ 

For ticket details, visit ManUtd.Com, One United (USA) and United In The States.




Tue, 29 Mar 2011 5:39:25 pm

How about United vs. Barcelona at Wembley in the CL final first before going to Washington DC ?



Tue, 29 Mar 2011 5:46:23 pm

I fuken knew it there not coming to california bullshit



Tue, 29 Mar 2011 6:09:07 pm

Borba, wouldn’t you agree that California is more geared towards Spanish teams than English teams? There are certainly a lot more support for barca than united in southern California


Sean 123 Mufc

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 6:10:47 pm

@ borba how far is Washington from were you live maybe you could drive there and show your anger there


Tue, 29 Mar 2011 6:27:42 pm

LIVE Video Stream: Sir Alex Ferguson launches 2011 US Tour – http://nytv.neulion.com/mlsvp/console.jsp?catid=1908&id;=13179 (live now, as of 6:20pm)


Sean 123 Mufc

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 6:30:04 pm

Sky Sports news will have letter i will watch it then



Tue, 29 Mar 2011 6:43:02 pm

bernard yes in southern california but in northern california its a different story a lot more epl fans. sean washington is a state away california is bigger than japan so to get to the oregon boarder would be a 12hr drive from were I live then I would have to cross the whole oregon state to get to middle of washington so your looking about a while 2day drive none stop and all of a sudden plane tickets for that month in july have gone up. So it looks like I will be watching the game from home pluse at 4dollars a gallon of gas isn’t worth the drive I end up spend a lot of money to the game and at the that’s what the glazers want.



Tue, 29 Mar 2011 6:51:29 pm

sean I forgot to tell every state in america has its own laws so I’m not sure how friendly washington is to protests I know for a fact in california if the protest is peacefully and your not blocking the road the cops really won’t do anything just watch to make sure it dosen’t get out of hand.



Tue, 29 Mar 2011 7:15:51 pm

The game against Barcelona in Washington should be good



Tue, 29 Mar 2011 7:31:28 pm

that’s. actually in the state of maryland that’s were washington dc is at



Tue, 29 Mar 2011 9:25:37 pm

actually. bernard california has a strong mexican.influence than spanish so since we have hernadez and he didi play for chivas of mexico he has a big following here in california so Manchester United has bigger fan base with than they really know about in california


Sean 123 Mufc

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 11:03:31 pm

fergie said while ago 3 new young signings thus summer well i say Ashely young Rodwell and Henderson and A goalkeeper



Tue, 29 Mar 2011 11:35:06 pm

Hopefully de gea, de Rossi, and sneijder . Rodwell and young as bonuses.


Sean 123 Mufc

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 11:39:36 pm




Wed, 30 Mar 2011 6:49:04 am

When r tickets for game go on sale…



Wed, 30 Mar 2011 8:17:19 am

I love it! Welcome to America 😉



Wed, 30 Mar 2011 12:14:58 pm

Chicago or Washington DC for me. Can not wait…..:)


Brooklyn Ny

Wed, 30 Mar 2011 12:46:21 pm

Can’t wait to see the reds in new jersey show those yanks what real passion is


Zach Denton

Wed, 30 Mar 2011 2:10:54 pm

USA Is gay


Malay love

Thu, 31 Mar 2011 1:51:55 am

Will there be a Malaysia – man u friendly, as there is usually a match between the two pre-season


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