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Liverpool forward Luis Suarez is at the centre of a Football Association investigation, after serious allegations of racist abuse were made against the player by Manchester United defender Patrice Evra. Referee Andre Marriner reported the claimed racial remarks to The FA after the 1-1 draw at Anfield…

On Saturday, Javier Hernandez scored late to cancel-out Steven Gerrard’s opener for The Scousers, ending the game in a 1-1 draw. But the result was later marred by reports that Liverpool’s Luis Suarez made horrific comments to Manchester United’s Pat Evra. Suarez is alleged to have used disgusting racial slang – ‘n*gger’ – towards Evra ‘at least 10 times’ beyond the hour mark of the fixture, having already kicked United’s defender to the ground.

Referee Andre Marriner made a note in his match report, and then informed The FA of the allegations that Suarez racially abused Evra on the field of play. The official had handled the situation in an awful manner, as he failed to show Suarez a red card for a deliberate kick-out at Evra, before allowing the 24-year-old Uruguayan striker make discriminatory expressions aimed at the 30-year-old French fullback. The ref. then booked Evra for his complaints !

Suarez got away free of punishment for various offences, including separate incidences where he clearly dived to win false free-kicks. But after the game, Evra did tell French media of his opponent’s behaviour, accusing him of using racism on a number of occasions as a form of attempting to ‘wind-up’ Pat. The FA have confirmed they are making enquiries into the issue, but a Liverpool spokesperson stressed their player denied making the shocking statements. 
Ref. Andre Marriner cited in his report that Luis Suarez was claimed to have made racist remarks to Patrice Evra

Proof in the form of surrounding officials and players, video cameras and microphones should mean that Suarez is punished for his disturbing actions. He has been involved in controversy before; racism, physical assault and professional cheating. After the game at the weekend, Evra expressed his distress at the ordeal:  “There are cameras, you can see him. He says a certain word to me at least 10 times. I was very upset.”

“In 2011 you can’t say things like this. He knows what he said, the ref knows it, it will come out. I won’t repeat what he said, but it was a racist word, and he said it more than 10 times. He tried to wind me up. I won’t make a huge deal out of it, but it’s very upsetting and disappointing.” A spokesperson from The Kop responded, saying Suarez ‘categorically denied’ using words of an unacceptable nature, despite Evra’s doubtless stance. 
The football authorities released a statement shortly after Evra’s interview: “The Football Association have this evening been made aware of an incident that is alleged to have occurred during the Liverpool versus Manchester United fixture at Anfield today. Referee Andre Marriner was made aware of an allegation at the end of the fixture and subsequently reported this to the FA. The FA will now begin making enquiries into the matter.”
Last season, Luis Suarez acted highly inappropriately in an unpunished incident with Rafael Da Silva.

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16/10/2011 8:53pm

he just isnt with it with black people

16/10/2011 8:59pm

@ ‘Daniel’

I think that is a light way of saying it.

Luis Suarez makes me sick.

16/10/2011 9:30pm

Suarez is perfect for Liverpool.

Horrible man at a horrible club.

Tired of draws
16/10/2011 9:41pm

Suarez should get at least a month ban with fine…. AT LEAST … Suarez= Scum

16/10/2011 11:50pm

The crazy S O B…..

17/10/2011 12:05am

FA should ban him.

red devil dxb
17/10/2011 7:35am


17/10/2011 8:07am

he should not be allowed to play football for life first it was in ghana now this

17/10/2011 8:10am

i hate him ever since he cheated Uruguay vs Ghana he should not be allowed to play football for life follow me on twitter @icybtk man united for life and fuck racism follow me on twitter @icybtk

17/10/2011 11:50am

Just ban this suarez he is racist I don’t think he deserves to be wearing an english proffessional club jersey



big mhofu
17/10/2011 5:02pm

jus ban da scum!

17/10/2011 5:23pm

Why does Fa keeps BPL even why don’t they just give the trophy to Chelsea or Liverpool

18/10/2011 12:01am

What a piece of scum. We’ve tried too hard to kick racism out of football to let this little cucaracha fly over from Spain and attempt to bring our game into disrepute. Disgusting man at a disgusting club.

18/10/2011 12:03am

they keep talking about Evra has previous. what about Suarez? The man BIT another professional…respect?? gimme a freaking break!! throw the book at him.

18/10/2011 12:24am

We all know he’s gonna get away with this, he’s not a utd player so the fa will do nout. If it was rooney he would get banned for 6 months.

18/10/2011 1:42pm

suarez is the S.I unit for theft and robbery and i think it is about time all adopted that in our languages and official dealings…maybe the international body for instituting this standardization would consider it.
I mean as seconds is to time, metres is to distance, kilograms is to weight…ladies and gentlemen please let’s all welcome ‘suarez’ as the new unit for theft and robbery. H-U-R-R-A-Y!!! please vote for this if you are in favour. post it all all blogs. counting on you to make this happen!

18/10/2011 2:34pm

if it was rooney FA wud look 4 excuses 2 ban him tel beginning of next season . . . . .dey wil eventually free SUAREZ . . . . FA=aNTImANuTD

28/10/2011 6:08pm

get a grip guys two weeks and no proof!
It is not looking good for evra!

01/11/2011 10:16am

and now? nothing yet? i see the thug is getting away with it again. trully, FA is the back of discrimination and racist here.

02/11/2011 9:11pm

No proof at all for this.. said it 10 times in probably the biggest game in the league and not 1 camera or United player heard or saw a thing!!! A bit concerning for Evra , Suarez did bite someone but dont think he has previous for racist behaviour, The Ghana thing its a handball, red card (which he got)If Rooney did it in the Champs league and it ment Utd got to the final he would be a Hero


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