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Chelsea won't be given an easy-ride...
As we all know, a win or draw for Liverpool against Chelsea at Anfield on Sunday could potentially hand United a record breaking 19th Premier League Title, despite this, Sir Alex believes that the Scousers’ character will not allow them to purposefully lose !

There isn’t much rivalries bigger than United’s and Liverpool’s, both clubs level on the record of 18 top-flight trophies. The Scousers still have a chance to earn Champions League football for next season, after being dumped-out of the Europe League semi-finals by an extra-time Diego Forlan (ex-Devil) strike for Spain’s Athletico Madrid.

If the Scousers earn a win or draw at their home ground over the Blues, the title could be ours – much to the envy of the Kop crowd. But Sir Alex says a club like Liverpool will not ‘throw away’ their history for one game: “Great clubs don’t throw their history and traditions away for one game !” said the boss. “I think Liverpool will do their best on Sunday, they have to. You depend on that resilience of the British players and players playing in British football – they know they have to go out and produce Saturday and then midweek and Saturday again. They show great attitude and character all the time.”

Back in 1995, Liverpool were in the same situation, on the final day of the 1994-95 season – they had the chance to help-out United, and they did, the won 2-1 against Blackburn Rovers (challenging for the title) – however The Red’s blew the chance to win the League, as the drew 1-1 with West Ham United, Rovers clinched the title by 1 single point !

“We hoped and depended on Liverpool doing us a favour then and we got it,” Sir Alex recalled, but didn’t highlight the actual outcome ! – “Liverpool had a lot of English players at the time and they understood the history of their club very well,” he added. “But I don’t think there’s been such a swing that the players there now don’t understand their club’s history. You don’t throw that away.”



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