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Mon, 01 Nov 2010 10:04:15 pm

Look if no one has 1.6 billion to offer The glazers they won’t sell. It has to be a internal operation to force them to sell like Liverpools board did. Thats the only way i see the Glazers selling united. Forced sell by inside job or a 1.6 billion might get them to sell.


Die glazers

Mon, 01 Nov 2010 10:21:33 pm

LOL.. See the lad with a mask on and the pigs just looking at him..



Mon, 01 Nov 2010 10:45:14 pm

This is just one of a concerted effort to raise the “issue” and to remove the cancer from United.
If you have not signed up lad’s at MUST please do so.
There is almost, one hundred and sixty one thousand loyal fans have pledged there allegiance to the cause.
To United fans who dont believe in fan power, be aware of the unrelentless campaign mounted bye the “The Spirit of Shankley”. Headed bye A very loyal liverpool supporter James Mckenna.He in tandem with a triple headed attack removed Gillet and Hicks from liverpool.
It can be done, you just have to believe.
On the topic, of the purchase and the valuation of United, ridiculous rubbish the Glazer’s valuation.
As we all are aware companies valuations are based on their profits and anticipated profit and the Glazer’s surely but surely are dripping away.
The goodwill of United is being eroded bye these “thieves”
Ask yourself what have they done for united? Nothing, zero, zilch.
Any responsible owner of a buisness, would invest in that buisness, they have not invested a single dime.
On the contrary to this point in time have robbed United of some £450 million pounds worth of yours and my money.
With due to their dubious ” refinancing” deal have as we all know, the right to further steal from United a further £123 million, which they will!
Keep up the pressure lads.
A early exit from the Champions league, may exert the pressure required.
A bit of short term pain for long term gain.
Get the Glazer out.


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