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Boss Sir Alex has said United’s 4-0 loss to West Ham United will be an education for younger players. The Reds fielded a second-string side against The Hammers on Tuesday, and were on the end of a hammering in the process. However, the gaffer has said the same won’t happen again…

A snowy mid-week evening turned into a nightmare for United, as they conceded 4 goals against Avram Grant’s West Ham United. Upton Park knew they were in for a tough test going into the clash, as The Hammers lie 20 places off Sir Alex’s side in the Premier League.

It was anything but tough for West Ham, as they opened the scoring through Old Trafford reject Jonathan Spector with just over 20 minutes on the clock. Spector doubled the home side’s lead heading into half time, before a second half brace from Carlton Cole put the cherry-on-top for West Ham, flying high into the semi-finals of the Carling Cup.

“Young players have come through these periods. A few years ago we lost to Coventry and they learnt a lesson that day. West Ham approached it like more of a cup tie and they got stuck in with well-weighed challenges and things like that. They got the crowd up for them.”
Sir Alex said.

“(There were) too many younger players making errors and giving away goals.”
explained the manager. “They can’t give away goals like that, even though they’re young.”

Hopes of United bagging their third consecutive Carling Cup faded early on, with any chance of a comeback quashed by Victor Obinna’s deliveries into the box ending in a 4-0 thrashing – the first loss of the season. 

There’s always next year ! 

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Wed, 01 Dec 2010 6:56:38 am

I am happy that last night ended in defeat for us as we can now focus on major trophies. However, last night did certify that we need to purchase players in either January or in the summer. I have said for a while now that both Johnny Evans and John O Shea are not of a United Standard. It was proven again last night. Another major concern is the poor form of Darren Fletcher. People seem to blame Carrick however for anybody who knows football, whenever Carrick plays in midfield, we get that go forward ball. Fletcher is no where near as good as he was last year. Players such as Obertan, Bebe and Macheda might find themselves leaving Old Trafford in the summer. We need to secure signings such as Schweinsteiger, Sanchez, Henderson and Hazzard. These are creative players that will help us remain a dominant force in Europe. I had suggested we do not need any defenders however as Evans is so poor at the moment, perhaps someone like Shawcross or Cahill. West Ham must take their win lightly because when they play us next, they might be on the recieving end of a thrashing. Would not want to be Blackpool this weekend.



Wed, 01 Dec 2010 8:14:13 am

It’s the carling cup who gives a fuck if they lost this game. we had 3 veterans on the pitch and a bunch of young talented players shit just didn’t work last night and it was snowing Its not easy making smooth passes and runs when theres snow on the ground. If it was United first team players then we could cry and bitch about but it wasn’t it was the B team. Even if we had signed world class players in the summer they would of never played this carling cup anyways Sir Alex would still put the young talent to play this carling cup game not his starting XL. We had to lose a game so I rather take this carling cup defeat Than an Important League game.



Wed, 01 Dec 2010 8:46:04 am





Wed, 01 Dec 2010 8:51:37 am

I agree with borba. This a lesson learned. So we lost in da carling cup that’s fine. All these young talents will come of age. Fergie us brave n by putting faith on these youngsters is the way forward. We rather loss this cup n even fa cup n win da premier league. I united n even though I’m unhappy I still believe in oshea Evans n bebe. Fergie have faith in them. Count me in. I believe



Wed, 01 Dec 2010 9:58:08 am

@borbas an idiot. Get a grip! If you want a team who don’t have the odd poor game go find a different sport to follow.



Wed, 01 Dec 2010 1:02:21 pm

@borba 6000 united fans there last nite and i was there and few mates of mine. we had good money for the match and to loose 4 nil is jioke bebe 8 million van der vart 8 million ozil nearly 16 million. i think we should have anoter ant glazer protest. these players are shite rooney 100 per cent right and i am sure he will even get bigger out standing cheers against blackpool. get rid of obertan i calls hi denis patrick he looks like fella i know he gets an awful doing everton distaster evans and banmby john o shea get rid of them all bebe who i be better than him myself



Wed, 01 Dec 2010 4:46:28 pm

You guy are stupid for wasting money away from home thinking Sir Alex Was giving Two shits about the carliing cup. Hey shit head did you watch the game Rafel was subed in for his Brother Fabio because he was getting smoked on the on the left then on the right side. Johnny Evans was getting smoked all night midfeild looked stupid out there up front we did nothing. Air Alex game plan was lets play young players and players getting back from injury Aka Giggs, Fletcher, Anderson still get his fitness up plus he also played 90min on saturday so were was Daren Gibson? Giggs ans Fletcher looked slow and out of sync out there. SO most of you fuck heads face facts the coaching staff did not give a shit about the carling cup Only you fucken idiots did. The three veterans are not World class. Giggs 37 time to hang it up Oshea Fletcher really there country squad cann’t even qualify for world cup but north korea did world class players fuck no. Anderson rides the bench with rafael there not good enought to start for Brazil in big games.The Real world call players were left at home for rest for the important games coming. Except for Iss the rest of you can suck my dick and get real United was ging to loss a game sooner or later and im glade it was the carling cup and not important league games fuck off assholes.


Reza boorany

Wed, 01 Dec 2010 5:08:25 pm

I sincerely hope the boss had a long hard look at the likes of John o Shea and more to the point Johnny Evans and realize they can’t cut it . Mr Evans was the description of clumsy and had legs of stone he made Carlton Cole look like cristiano Ronaldo



Wed, 01 Dec 2010 5:12:20 pm

Look Manchester United is a club we support love and put our heart and souls in to it but we have to pull are heads out of are asses. Its sport as much as we want them to destory every team we play against reality sets in after 27 games unbeaten we were bound to lose one even though it hurts really bad because it was westham in the carling I’ll take it because it was not an important league and the carling cup is the only thing westham have to play for We have other important games coming up. Sometimes or some nights Shit dosen’t go right and when they don’t go right from the start you can do all the adjustments at half time and put in world calss players or whatever the manager has to do. If from the start shit gos bad usually the whole game go’s bad and there are times for what every reason some teams just got your number that night and nothing go’s your way its sport there is no way to explain it. It was justt a bad game all the way around from the coaching game planing and to the players on the pitch it just wasn’t there night. I’ve seen games with this same squad on the pitch and the win 2-0 or 1-0 lets face it. It was just one of those games were everything went wrong and there is no answer to what went wrong it’s just the nature of the beast its sport.



Wed, 01 Dec 2010 5:24:52 pm

what happens when giggs scholes leave . to have 6000 going to away ganme on tuesday nite with snow poundring down and were playing shite. why the hell we play one front with young but is that . flecther anderson evans o shea there all experience players to me young player are morrision welbac tom thomas coffie cole king and wille keane and you get drift dont think there young players last nite a part from bebe. we need sigings in january as back up in case rooney nani and so get injured.o



Wed, 01 Dec 2010 5:36:26 pm

@stece even if we sign player in january do you think Sir Alex would have played them in a carling cup game NO. The players he buys in January or the summer is for League games and championship european nights not for carling cup games. When Scholes and Giggs leave it will be a sad day but we can not expect them to play for ever. In my opinoin we need to find a Great Cam to replace scholes and left winger who can cross a pretty ball in to the box take on defenders like Giggs did in his younger days at 37 he dosen’t have the legs to run for 90 min but he still has a pretty pass better than anyone i’ve seen. I also think United need a strker up front A benzema or Aguero up front with Rooney because Dimitar is 29 he’ll be 30 his prime is going to stop sonner or later.I’m glade i’m not the manager to deal with this. Sir Alex your the man we trust in. Manchester United Till the day I die.


Stuart F

Wed, 01 Dec 2010 7:07:02 pm

I left the ground last night after the 4th goal went in and leaving early is not something I like to do. However I was disappointed that we did not show more fight. Given the conditions it was always going to be a typical cup tie and some players out there went missing (Evans,O’Shea) certain players are ok with the support of others but without the mainframe around they are not man u players.


Kyle jay

Wed, 01 Dec 2010 7:43:33 pm

I think we should stop say all these players need to leave. They had a bad game yesterday get off their jock about it. They’re still young and still learning give them a year not one game. If you know so much why are you managing a team? I’d like to see us get a good solid player or two in the transfer window but I don’t think we should sell everyone that played bad yesterday. Bad days happen.



Thu, 02 Dec 2010 2:34:31 pm

Why complain about carling cup fuckin hell


Kyle jay

Fri, 03 Dec 2010 4:49:45 am

^^ thank you!!


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