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United misfit Zoran Tosic has left Old Trafford for £8 Million. The Serbian winger had been unhappy with the lack of first team appearances, and has joined Russian outfit CSKA Moscow. The 23-year-old had been playing on-loan to Cologne, where he wanted to stay. However the Germans were not willing to pay over £5 Million, and so CSKA struck the deal instead… 

Tosic moved to United from Partizan Belgrade in January 2009 for £7 Million, but a year later moved on-loan to Cologne after making just 5 substitute appearances for The Reds’ first-team. Tosic scored only once, in pre-season. However, the winger impressed in Germany, scoring 5 times in 14 first-team starts last season.

The Serbian, currently on World Cup duty, was not willing to return to the Premier League, and had reiterated his desire to stay at Cologne. However the Bundesliga club could not match the asking price. CSKA were interested and could also afford the £8 Million price-tag. Today Tosic signed five-year deal with the Russians, keeping him in the Russian Premier League until the summer of 2015.

The deal comes as CSKA star player and Tosic’s fellow International, Milos Krasic, is set to move elsewhere in light of his recent performances. Manchester United, City and Juventus are all apparently interested…




Tue, 15 Jun 2010 9:05:49 pm

Fergie is a senile old cunt!

Hope Tosic can return to OT with CSKA and rip utd apart!

Stupid git wants to keep wastes of spaces like O’SHit, Crapstick, Fletcher and Park yet lets go of super talented Tosic!

For all Fergie lovers who are going to start barking like mad dogs remember most of you were ripping Nani to shereds only a few months ago!

Love UTD hate Sir Alex Cunterson!


Tue, 15 Jun 2010 9:34:18 pm


If you hate the players, the gaffer, and the fans (who love the gaffer, ie. all of them) – then how ON EARTH can you call yourself a United supporter ???

What do you like ?

Tosic wanted out, and as we saw with Cristiano Ronaldo – when you want out, you don’t play as well… so what’s your point ?


donald duck

Tue, 15 Jun 2010 9:40:08 pm

@ SAF zoran tosic is a below average player who will never make it as a footballer, o’shea is a decent player, carrick had one bad season, fletcher got into the premier league team of the season and park is being kept for jersey sales in asia. Love UTD hate so called supporters like u!!!!!


Tue, 15 Jun 2010 10:03:58 pm


Totally agree with Donald Duck. I saw Tosic a few times – he didn’t strike me as very talented. He is too small, he doesn’t score much, doesn’t dribble well, fast but to not use and not an all-rounded winger.

We have Luis Nani and Antonio Valencia. Valencia was bought after Tosic, and is way better too.

Also; O’Shea is a fantastic left-back and can play more or less anywhere with ease, Carrick isn’t the best but he IS improving (like Donald Duck said: he had ONE bad season) – also, we got ANDERSON anyway, Fletcher is one of the BEST mid’s in the world – up-there with Xavi and Lampard, and Park is the Far-East’s sporting prophet. Also he makes us PROFIT too. Skipper of South Korea and scored against Greece a few days ago… all sounds pretty good to me ???



Wed, 16 Jun 2010 5:33:28 am

Carrick will not be Manchester United’s starting eleven next seven and will be sold in less than 2 years. His game does not suit modern football and he can’t play in Europe. Mark my words.



Tue, 03 Aug 2010 3:33:32 am

WTF!!! thts bull if he was a below average player sir alex wudnt have bought him in the first place.when he went on loan he scored 5goals in like 12 games thats better than nani who played way more games. i think had he gotten a chance he would have showed us wat he’s made of not 5mins off the bench thats not a fair chance but he’s gone now and there is nothing we can do about tht..



Tue, 03 Aug 2010 3:35:00 am

@SAF but what u said about o’shea and sir alex and especially fletcher thts crap


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