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Glazers out, fans in ?
Labour is proposing plans that would allow fans take up to a 25% stake in their club, if or when put up for sale. The plans are set to be included in the party’s general election manifesto, and comes in light of the huge debts amounted by English clubs over recent years… 

The Government could also introduce a window during which fans would be given time to gather resources for a takeover, if the club was put up for sale. The Conservatives have obviously laughed-off the proposals, calling it a ‘pre-election gimmick’ – but a gimmick or not, it’s a darn good idea !

UEFA President, Michel Platini, has already given his blessing for the introduction of fan-run clubs, such as Barça and Madrid in Spain. 

“Personally, I think it is a great idea for supporters to invest in a club because they at the end of the day defend the club’s identity. They are always there, they are the ones always watching the games.” he said.

“There are clubs now where the president is not a national of the country, the coach is not of a national of the country and the players are not nationals of the country. The only ones to have any kind of identity are the supporters.”

Among the other plans is a much-needed total reform and overhaul of The FA, something which Ian Watmore attempted and subsequently failed !

In other financial club news, The Red Knights are set to hold-off on a bid for the club until the summer, when they expect that sufficient funds can be raised… 



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